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The Ultimate Online Course To Transform Your Business And Your Life.

“An email newsletter is the best way to grow your business.”

I am like you. 

I am a founder and entrepreneur, and almost certainly, unemployable by anyone else. 

I love running my businesses. But there is a ‘but.’

I don’t like it when my business runs me. 

When it wakes me up at 4 am stressing about this and that. 

When it consumes every waking second.

When it wants more and more of my time just to stand still.

That is not the dream I signed up for.

But I have learnt there is another way.


I learnt the power of an email newsletter.

It will build your community. It will show you care about your people. It will grow your business without giving a ton of money to social media. And, as importantly, it will allow you to be in control of your time. 

Working longer to grow your business is not growth. It is working longer.

There is a better way. 


Here’s how I discovered it. 

I have learnt this crazy simple email newsletter is the most powerful tool to grow my business. And for years, I dismissed it.

I discovered it in a moment of sales crisis. 

A crisis can be highly valuable because you have a moment of clarity. You strip away all the non-essential.

In that extreme moment, I found out 80% of my time was spent on social media. And 20% of sales were coming from social media. 

And, 20% of my time was spent on my email newsletter. And it was responsible for 80% of my sales.

All I had to do was to flip that time equation around. That changed everything. My life. My business. My relationship with my customer.

I am truly thankful for that crisis. 

From that moment, 80% of my time was spent on my newsletter. I got obsessed. I learnt everything I could. 

I learnt so much about it; I began to take workshops. I wrote a book about it. Wall St. Journal featured Hiut Denim Co when it did a big piece on this new sales platform: Email.

And here’s the best part. Most brands continue to dismiss it.


Their indifference is your opportunity.

That my friends is our opportunity. 

Their indifference is going to allow you to win.

The great news is Social Media has got expensive. It has got super competitive. And less effective. Engagement is going down. And down. And down. Home run. 

Lots of entrepreneurs are busy feeding a machine that wants more money, wants more time, and in return, is giving them less engagement. And sales.

I have been there. I got seduced by Social Media. I was blind to it, too. 


Then I woke up.

I discovered that my newsletter was bringing in 80% of my sales.

And, at the time, I was rubbish at it.

So, I thought, what if I could learn how to get good at it, what would happen then?

Because I knew there were strategies out there that could multiply and compound your success. So, I went and discovered what they were.


Here’s one.

For me, the most significant insight was to understand that a newsletter was a relationship — a chance to serve. Not just to sell.

 An example.

You have two friends. One who calls you and always wants something. Then the other friend, who just calls to see how you are, and tells you about a film you would love or a podcast you should listen to.

Now, when you are busy, and the phone rings, who do you always take the call from?

We all know the answer. 

So why does that matter? Because our competition is not another brand, but the fact that our customer is busy. 


Giving makes you stand out.

That is why one of the key strategies is to give. And to give more than you receive. 

Giving compounds. Giving makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you are there to help. It all starts with sharing and giving through your newsletter. 

Good news: Because most people are not super comfortable with selling, it makes them feel cheap. But because you are giving much more than you are asking. When it comes to the ask, it feels perfectly natural.

Giving actually helps with the biggest hurdle for most people. Being comfortable with the ask. 

And this has been just one small part of my learning over the last ten years of getting good at an email newsletter. 

I have taken all that learning and put it into this course.


Email for Growth — Online Course.

And now, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned. 

In this course, I’ll show you step-by-step how to grow your business and stay in control of your time. Yes, having a nice life is a business metric.

I’ve learned everything I’m about to tell you the hard way, through trial and error and first-hand experience.

If you are ready to learn how to use the most powerful tool to grow your business and to having more fun, there’s no better way than this online course.  

This is a start to a better way of running your business.

Let’s begin.



David Hieatt

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Your Instructor

David Hieatt is the Co-Founder of The Do Lectures & Hiut Denim Co.
Leaving school at 16 to open a market stall selling sneakers taught David the importance of sales (and a good pair of shoes). On a good day he had money to buy enough petrol to get home. On a bad day with no sales, he walked. At 21, he joined Saatchi and Saatchi. There, David learnt to take risks from Paul Arden, one of the true mavericks of advertising. He was taught to trust his instinct. And to fight to make his ideas happen.
In 2001, he moved back to Wales and created howies, a clothing company that was heralded as the Patagonia of the UK for action sports. After selling it to Timberland, he co-founded the The Do Lectures, a globally acclaimed ideas festival and online platform, with an audience of millions. More recently David has created Hiut Denim Co, a jeans company that is helping to bring the jeans industry back to Cardigan in Wales. A town that used to have Britain's largest jeans factory.
David has spoken at Apple, Google, Red Bull and many other top companies and events. He is also the author of Do Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more, and Do Open: How a simple email newsletter can transform your business (and it can).

"David Hieatt is the man who proved to a world full of shallow brands the benefits of having a real purpose. There is no greater expert on the matter."

Richard Reed, Co-founder Innocent Drinks


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